Today Gran Carro is known as one of the largest manufacturers high-quality leathr goods and the business accessories, different for handwork and modern design.
     The history of trade mark Gran Carro has begun in 1930 in Milano. With arrival to the company of the new engineer searches of new forms and design of leather goods have begun the first line of portfolios presented in 1932 became which result.
     Since then the firm philosophy remained invariable: purposely limited manufacture and use of accessible resources guarantees better quality, leading to the maximum benefit for the client.
     The raw materials are delivered only by the best italian manufacturers, and production is charged by the best Italian masters. Besides, all goods Gran Carro are made from a skin painted by dyes exclusively on a vegetative basis. It means that only natural substances are used during process.
     We pay your attention that cheaper skin is processed with use of chrome and other chemicals that can potentially harm to health of the person. Gran Carro is a member of the Consortium of the Italian manufacturers plant - the painted skin.
     Today under mark Gran Carro every possible accessories are issued: leather goods (portfolios, a purse, business cards holders, key holders, purses, belts, etc.); jewels (cuff links, clips for ties); business - accessories (clips for money, key holders, etc.).
     By manufacture of jewels company Gran Carro uses the following a materials: - Stainless steel - artificial stones (hematite, a ruby, onyx, sapphire, an emerald, a topaz, crystal, amethyst and pearls). By manufacture of leather products the firm uses a high-quality leather of the young calf and in some collections – a skin of a young lamb.

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